LogiKal from Orgadata is one of the best software solutions when it comes to designing and manufacturing windows, doors and curtain walls. It can handle product design, construction, materials optimization as well as CNC machine control.

When working with custom window projects, manufacturers often find it hard to calculate the cost price and track the entire manufacturing stages of the product, which are features of an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

But manually entering all the window manufacturing information into Business Central is difficult because a single window can have dozens of components and this adds a lot of manual effort.

LogiKal Import

Our solution to this problem was to reverse-engineer the data format of the Orgadata LogiKal exported projects and create a custom tool that imports information for all the required profiles, glasses, nuts and bolts into Business Central.

This allowed the engineers to instantly import all project information into the ERP system up to the last hinge or the smallest piece of rubber seal. That way Business Central is able to manage and track the materials requisition and the manufacturing process.


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