In collaboration with Navtech Group we extended the world-leading retail software LS One from LS Retail to support one more country – Bulgaria. The software has been registered with the National Revenue Agency (NRA) of Bulgaria and can be used officially as it complies with Regulation 18 and support fiscal printers that are approved by the NRA.

About LS One

LS One is developed by LS Retail – a world leader in retail software. It has proven itself to be a very flexible software solution for point of sale operations, which can be adapted even to the most complex of retail businesses.

Added Features

Financial Auditing

The NRA has very strict rules when it comes to storing information about sales. All requirements stated by Regulation 18 have been met and approved by the NRA.

Fiscal Printers Support

The NRA has very strict rules when it comes to fiscal printers – you can just use any OPOS printer to print your receipts. The support we added for the approved fiscal printers allows you to connect your devices to your POS stations via serial port, USB or even LAN.

The printed receipts and invoices include all artifacts as required by the NRA.

Purchase Order Enhancements

We’ve extended LS One’s Site Manager purchasing functionality to allow you to keep track of delivery documents by storing data for related documents to each delivery record.

Returns Improvements

Returns now includes additional information, which is collected through an additional UI dialog on the POS terminal for auditing purposes.

Built-in Reporting

We have added a suite of predefined financial reports, which comply with the NRA requirements and are ready for use by financial auditors.


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